Saturday, February 21, 2009

you asked for it

Alright, so, maybe about a week ago the lovely Ambika tagged me to show where I blog. I'm cheating and showing you just the desk because I'm currently too depressed to clean up (yeah, that's it)... So there it is.

My lovely old desk, my shiny white computer, my hacked mystic wall clock, the top of my fake Eames shell chair, a prayer plant emerging from the dark, a stack of clothing that may or may not make it into the shop, a stack of paper, a hair ribbon, a giant box of "student quality" pencil crayons (I bought these when I was in uni because I was too cheap to shell out the $100+ price tag for the professional ones. I regret that decision. These are too waxy.), and a drawing that I was working on last night in the dark... almost. I was working on it by light of a single amber glass lamp from my collection of 17 that reside in this room. Here they are, Susan, in all their tacky glory!

Now you see why I hesitated to add another to my collection yesterday; these things take up A LOT of space! I can't even close my closet due to an ill placed orb. There's a couple not pictured because they are in the messy portion of the studio! Photos of them will have to wait until another happier day, when I get around to tidying up!

One of the disadvantages of working by the amber glow of these lamps is the inability to discern colour! It's virtually impossible to differentiate grey from blue, purple from brown, pink from orange, and so on, and so forth. I had no idea what colours I was using on my drawing last night. In the morning light I found pinks and purples where I assumed oranges and browns to be. It was strange. I would never have chosen purple (I think it's for wizards and unicorns), but it kind of works here.

I am a terribly lazy artist. I rarely draw anymore, and I find it so incredibly frustrating that it makes me never want to pick up a pen or pencil again... and paints? Forget about it! I used to be so good at colour mixing it was insane! I could duplicate any colour with ease, but now I don't even know where to start. It's funny how one forgets. As you can see I ended up scratching out the bottom half of this drawing in a fit of rage, but it's all part of the process. I've decided that I must, MUST get back into the habit of drawing and painting. Yes, friends, I'm putting my ego aside and hanging up that case of "masterpiece-itis" that I developed way back when because it inhibits my ability to finish ANYTHING!