Friday, February 20, 2009

conversations with ceramic birds

I did something really dumb today. I can't get it out of my head, and it's driving me insane! So insane, that I'm seeking the advice of inanimate objects.

I've been feeling like a bit of a glutton lately. Every little thing that I could ever possibly want is crossing my path! It's ridiculous, really. Either I'm just not as discerning as I used to be, or the shopping gods have been smiling on me. I've found so many great things to buy (including this blouse and skirt) and I've bought them all... until today. I found another glass hanging lamp for my ever growing collection, but after counting them this morning and realising that I had 17 lamps in one room alone (!), I thought it best to leave it in the store. It was really grungy and was missing some parts, so it would need some work (as if that's a problem for me), plus I'd have to carry it straight home instead of continuing on my journey as planned. So I left and walked on, did all the things I needed to do, and when I arrived back home I realised that there was something missing. The lamp! I needed it after all.

I had a few things to do at home before I could run back and bring my precious home. I hurried it along and back I went! When I got to the store it was GONE! I even asked the guy that works there where he put it. He just wanted to go home. He had no time for me and my indecision. He didn't even humor me with an answer. If only I had been quicker.

I fear this may have cursed the shopping roll that I've been on. What if I never find anything good again? Who will keep the economy alive?

electric lime crepe chiffon blouse: thrifted
sheer cardigan: thrifted
wool skirt: thrifted
tights: the bay
nurse shoes: thrifted
faux morning beads: h&m
ceramic partridge: thrifted