Monday, February 23, 2009

2 become 1

I did a little work on my indoor garden today. I think that the big terra cotta pot that I got to repot my two shamrocks into influenced my fashion. I figured I should be one with the plant life and dress all in shamrock colours! I repotted two other plants too. Either my thumb is getting greener or I'm just choosing more resilient plants. One of these shamrocks has been around for two years and the other is from last St. Patrick's Day. Way to go little guys!

See? Totally camouflaged!

I wanted to evoke a hoity toity 4H sort of vibe with my vintage Yves Saint Laurent scarf and creepy glass and gold bunny head brooch. I've been waiting for some real Girl Scout pins to arrive in the mail, but they are taking forever!!! The bunny head did the trick in a pinch... maybe even better than the real thing!

heart pointelle knit sweater: urban sweatshop (urban planet)
tweed skirt: thrifted
tights: bleu foret
oxfords: chie mihara
scarf: yves saint laurent; thrifted
creepy bunny brooch: etsy