Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the good ship lollypop

Remember how I was all depressed last week and shopping up a storm? Well, my internet bounty is starting to arrive! My order from sockdreams arrived yesterday, so naturally, today's outfit is built around my new tights!

A couple of weeks ago, Emily posted this "grown up Madeline" outfit and I became obsessed with the tights that she was wearing. So I ordered me some, and here they are in all of their curry goodness (although they are called camel, I wouldn't say that's an accurate description of the colour). I also ordered some sock garters, which I am debating returning. They were supposed to have brass hardware, but the ones they sent were just plain old silver metal. I kind of feel ripped off, but I have wanted sock garters since high school... maybe I can get over it? I'll have to think about this.

So after getting dressed, and adding the silk bow, I kind of thought I had gone overboard (har har har) with the cutesy/ creepy Shirley Templesque Sailor references, but it also really works. I figure I've only got a few more years (months?) left of dressing like this before I'm stumbling into Baby Jane territory... or do I? Am I already there?

tights: e.g. smith via sockdreams
skirt: thrifted
sweater: ralph lauren yacht club, thrifted
stripy shirt: urban planet, dyed by me
oxfords: camper
silk bow tie: made by me