Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I cheated with wardrobe remix again, and posted a photo from the shoot I did for the shop! I hope that's okay. I ended up changing into grubs to do laundry immediately following the photos too. That's really cheating! Oh well. I hope you can forgive me remixers.

I am so pleased with how this capelet turned out! I love this wool tweed! The edges are finished inside and out with this sweet chocolate brown baby rick rack, and I used one of my vintage ornate metal clasps to dress it up even more! I got two sets of these clasps from a friend that had inherited a huge box of buttons and beads, some dating all the way back to the 20s! I don't really know how old these ones are, but they are so pretty and special! They're kind of a classic Baroque pattern, which makes them impossible to date (for me anyway), but I would guess that they are pre-1960s.

I finished this capelet for the shop two weeks ago, but that was around the lost-time era of April... so it just didn't get posted. I wanted to post the hat and the cape in the shop at the same time and I just couldn't get it together! The days are so dark now that I'm having a hard time getting things done. I should be photographing in the mornings, because by 3:30 the sun is pretty much gone! Ridiculous! And sometimes I'm just not that functional in the morning! Anyway, I finished the hat and they're ready to go!

This hat is sort of a remixed version of the mademoiselle de la lune hat that I sold at the beginning of the year. I cut back on the number of black cock tail feathers and added a few tan coloured cock tail feathers to warm it up a bit, and I really love the result!