Thursday, November 13, 2008

ask alice

I'm trying to fully realize my dream etsy shop! When I first heard of etsy a year and a bit ago, I knew that I wanted a shop that would entertain my every whim and obsession. I somehow got stuck on just making jewelry.

I want things to change.

I originally saw myself exploring themed sections that would include, not only jewelry, but handmade clothing and art and vintage finds. Maybe even a little bit of home decor as well. I am a master pillow-maker (according to my mum). That's where the "jack of all trades" bit comes in, I haven't really made good on my claim so far. I did post a few drawings way back when, but I haven't since. I really haven't been doing much in the old art department anyhow, but I may, and when I do I will surely be inspired to add some to the shop.

I'm working on a gig poster for love and mathematics at the moment, and once they're printed I'll post it here for you to see!