Saturday, November 15, 2008

le chat noir

It took me two nights staying up until 2:30 am to block out this gig poster for love and mathematics, sleepless nights and shane turner overdrive (shane doesn't have a myspace yet, so I can't link you anywhere... just trust me when I say he is awesome!)! Unfortunately SOMEBODY gave me the wrong date... so, you know, my lovely poster is going to have to be defiled with horrible black marker numbers to cover up the mistake! On all 500 posters!

Here's the work in progress. In order to do a two colour poster the analogue way, the poster needs to be done essentially three times! Well kind of... Me and my analogue ways! I was high on sharpie fumes by the time I went to bed because I had to do two layers of sharpie-ing to get the fields black enough to print properly, and my eyes have been feeling prickly for days!

So anyway, I was having a hard time thinking of what to draw for the poster. I usually pick one of the bands or something relating to some sort of random theme that is somehow linked to either the time of year, the date, or the bands. Because sleepless nights was on the bill, all I could think of was Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks! I resorted to hacking possibly one of the world's most famous gig posters! I made it my own, but it is essentially a total rip off!!! I'm so unoriginal!