Saturday, November 15, 2008

it's rudimentary

It looks lovely doesn't it? When the lovely and talented Alice Stevenson visited me in the spring, she asked if there was anything that I wanted from London. What didn't I want?!!! I equated this question to when one of the Japanese girls that I work with goes home for a visit and they ask everyone if there's anything they can bring back... let's just say I want EVERYTHING! I get overwhelmed by the prospect of having something brought back that I just can't think of anything specific! So I say candy, or tea. But in reality, there are quite possibly a million things that I could quite happily acquire!

This time I thought of something in advance! I knew exactly what I wanted! Emma Jeffs Otto window film! I had seen this blogged, probably at design*sponge and immediately fell head over heels for it!

This lace pattern matches the tiles in my tub surround perfectly! It is pretty much my dream window treatment! Alice went through so much trouble to get this for me (there's a whole sordid tale of unavailability and lost goods behind this gift) that I am sad to announce that I totally mangled this DIY job!!! I was saving it for a moment when I thought I was brave enough. I was going to FINALLY put it up earlier in the week, but I chickened out! I decided that even though it said on the pack that "even the most rudimentary of DIYers will be able to use this adhesive film", I wasn't ready and that I should wait for Shane to help. It also said that if you are "covering an area more than 80 cms wide or long, it's easier to have 2 people handling the film". Guess what? They weren't lying!!! It totally would have helped to have someone holding the other side of this gigantic STICKER!!! Unfortunately for me, I had been dreaming of this all week and when Shane had to be in the studio today, I decided that I could DIY this window myself!

I got it caught on the wall, which resulted in me draping the rest of it over my head so as to free up my other hand to try to peel it off the wall. Once I got the sicker unstuck, it somehow folded onto itself creating an even bigger problem than having it stuck to the wall. I decided that the best way to deal with this was to stick the good side onto the window and then try to pry apart the other end. Well folks, it ripped in not one, not even two, but five bloody places! It's also bubbled and mangled in several spots due to the folding incident. It looks amazing, but I'm so disappointed in my DIY skillz. I thought I was better than that. sigh. One day when I'm rich (hahahahaha) I will replace my botched job, but until then, I'll just have to live on and learn from my mistakes.