Tuesday, April 3, 2012

future plans

these lampshades just scream gene kelly to me

i want this set up exactly. two above the table, please.

cute chairs.

cute rugs.

yesterday dawn of LookWhatICanDo posted some photos of a family trip to IKEA on her instagram and it really got me craving a trip out there, but i have to stay away lest i be tempted. i am moving across the country this summer. but, i mean, yellow and mint green bookcases with glass doors? sign me up! (those bookcases are not on the IKEA website, by the way - so disappointing) but i came across the preview for the new PS collection online, and it is really making my inner kindergarten teacher happy!

lately i've been really into the sixties again, specifically the shiny colourful stuff that looks victorian but is too garish to be antique. i blame late nights with stanley kubrick films. i suppose it's the next logical step after all this dark and gloomy victorian-grandma-heritage stuff that i've grown so fond of. i think it's what i always aspire to in the back of my mind, but it never quite turns out looking quite mod enough.

also, dawn has just updated her etsy shop with a whole new batch of jackrabbit-love-creatures just in time for easter. her rabbits are kind of a cross between a pillow and a soft sculpture, and are all amazing! she uses vintage fabrics so if you see one you like, you should not hesitate to purchase! her work is so worth it!