Thursday, March 29, 2012


zander olsen .  cadair, oak 2010

egon schiele .  autumn sun 1912

zander olsen .  untitled (cader) 2008

egon schiele .  four trees 1917

zander olsen .  beeches 2004

gustav klimt .  farmhouse with birch trees 1903

zander olsen .  jhutti 2004

gustav klimt .  beech grove 1902

recently i came across the installation and photographic work of zander olsen. i'm not sure as to which internet rabbit hole i ventured down, but the important thing is knowing that this guy is out there, wrapping trees in fabric and aligning it with the horizon.

as with everything in life, i feel the need to conjure the ghosts of art history past. as we are all aware, my most favourite time in all of history is the arts and crafts era; so i've thrown in some klimt and schiele for you to admire. these guys are most known for their figurative work, but they did some pretty amazing landscapes as well.