Friday, April 6, 2012


the etsy shop is back from the dead! i suppose i should say that it is re-animated. this is definitely not a miracle situation... yet! i've reactivated some of my old listings in an attempt to get the ball rolling on this whole thing. i think that my motivation has changed a bit in the last couple of years and i really want to explore some new ideas. so, as they say; out with the old and in with the new!

since everyone's been so patiently waiting for this promised re-launch, and this is kind of a "soft opening" (that phrase always puts a lump in my throat- it sounds disgusting- but it's really quite innocent) with a promise of better things to come, i'm offering 25% 0FF with coupon code ETERNITY to be applied at checkout. get it? eternity! as in, "i've kept you waiting for an eternity."

if there's anything you were waiting to purchase when i finally reopened the store again, now's the perfect time to snatch it up! i will be retiring most of these styles in the future.