Thursday, July 21, 2011

moving on up

okay. last whinging about the ghost of apartments past, i swear! i think that in order to move on, i have to let go of the past! now, off to finally unpack the last few boxes and start arranging the new place!


Rebeccak said...

Aww I am always sad to leave a place I love too - all the wonderful memories! At least you have some gorgeous photos now too :)

april said...

thanks rebecca! i really wanted to capture the atmosphere of that apartment in photos, so that when i was feeling down about all the butter-coloured walls in my new place i could dream of colour!!!

it really was time for a change, though. if we hadn't gotten that eviction notice we would have just died in that apartment! there were many, many complaints to be heard about that old place... but we were too lazy to move.

Maya Tara Credico said...

Your new place is going to be awesome. Can't wait to see some photos of what you do with it. We've put so much effort into making our apartment such a neutral milk hotel zone, ha!

Are you guys still on Main?

april said...

i've never been one for neutrals myself... but i do really like this new space. i think that it's really going to help me with my purging for the move out east. clutter does not go with white! haha!

we're still in the same building, just one floor up and around the back.