Wednesday, July 20, 2011

sweet dreams are made of this

i tried to document the magic of what i felt was the most perfect bedroom that i have ever had.

i will miss you perfectly pthalo blue walls, and perfectly diminutive size- just big enough for a bed and a dresser... yet we managed to squeeze three perfectly distressed antique dressers in you anyway, and then topped them all off with little bits of ephemera and odds and sods, then crammed a mini garden onto the windowsill for good measure. i will miss you forest canopy of midsummer lights above the bed most of all, and how you gently swayed in the breeze from the open window, and how you were the perfect electric-coral contrast against the deep blue walls.

until we meet again, in a new perfect-in-a-different-way bedroom.


sorry, dudes. i went away for, like, five months and i've gone all pretentious prose on you! don't worry. i was just kidding. i'm as sarcastic as ever. no earnestness over here... well, maybe a little. i do miss my old apartment. that much is true.

but seriously, folks; these are introspective times. we were evicted from our little apartment when the new owners took over and we've moved upstairs, signed a six month lease, and are preparing for a big move! it's making it a little difficult to get motivated to unpack, but it must be done! if only to take inventory for what we really need and what we only think we need.

there are lots of loose ends to tie up in the next six months and none the least of which will be liquidating our hoardings! that means a virtual vintage yard sale! i'm going to open up that etsy shop of mine as soon as i can find my camera again... i seem to have packed it in an box that remains unopened somewhere.