Friday, December 3, 2010

somebody told me

vest: thrift store
vera feather blouse: etsy
leather cord as a bow tie: leather crafts store
jeans: cheap monday
bass oxfords: etsy

i accidentally dressed like brandon flowers today. kind of. maybe i'm the only one who sees it... i almost thought about changing. almost. let me break it down for you. it's like i combined two of his characters: the colonel sanders and the captain of the ss pheasant feathers. see? totes obvious, right?

when the killers weren't as famous as they are today, i went to a meagerly attended show where nobody cared about brandon flowers and his jewel encrusted keyboard, or that weird guy with the puffy hair that wears too much eyeliner. they tried to get the audience to like them... but it seemed that noone did. i ended up at the "official killers after party!" later that night and it was so funny because it was also meagerly attended, and although there were plenty of hot girls there, most of them were lesbians. the poor killers were just moping in a corner waiting for the straight girls to hit on them. sad times. eventually one of them (the weird guy with the puffy hair) was beckoned with a "hey, killer!" from one of the straight girls in attendance and all the killers, lead by puffy-hair, floated over to her. the killers got their girls after all!