Friday, November 26, 2010

the deer hunter

yesterday's winter wonderland is all but a memory. it's positively pleasant out today, and all the snow has melted into little slushy puddles. while yesterday i needed to take cover with a big coat, hat, scarf and mittens; today i just added a scarf and an extra cardigan underneath and that was enough. oh, west coast winters... you baffle me, so.

welsh woven wool cape: thrift store
gingham shirt: urban outfitters
wool sweater: thrift store
40s novelty tie: thrift store
jeans: cheap monday (permanently adopted from shane)
doc martin oxfords: etsy

this tie is so perfectly cheezy! i found it years ago when we visited shane's parents in wetaskiwin alberta. that little thrift store (it might have been the only one... or at least the only one open that day) was like a crazy time capsule! there were a lot of treasures unearthed that day by everyone in the family! i love that shane's family are really avid supporters of thrift shopping. my family hates it!

i have two of these welsh capes (in different colours and styles of course) and i've only managed to wear them a whopping total of three times combined in all the years i've owned them. i should probably send them back out into circulation, but i just can't bring myself to part with them! the fabric is so divine! so textural! so vivid! i actually almost added another to my collection a few months ago (it was a coat actually, and it was too big for me) the only thing that kept me from buying it is that it was pink. if it were any other colour i would have bought it and fixed it up... i still think about that coat. i don't know if i made the right decision leaving it behind. that is how powerful this fabric is!