Thursday, November 25, 2010

the queen mum

we accidentally left our bedroom radiator on full blast with the door shut in the hours between dinner and bedtime last night, so when we opened the door to retire for the night a blast of hot air hit us in the face. we turned off the radiator and opened the window wide to let the snow fly in instead! after a few minutes it was positively chilly and ready for a good night's sleep under three fluffy layers of blanketing. it felt like camping... or like sleeping in a drafty old castle; a country castle, where layers of wool are necessary. i awoke with a fresh perspective and a fresh layer of snow covering my window ledge.

gingham shirt: urban outfitters (i made shane buy me one after i saw his)
leather lacing used as bow tie: leather crafts store
knit vest: thrift store (many, many moons ago)
houndstooth skirt: thrift store
wool sweater: thrift store (i use a kilt pin to keep it done up)
wool tights: calze scanzi
tweed wellingtons: joe

i took a walk around the neighborhood in the snow and was really getting that christmassy feeling! i came home convinced that i was ready to put up my tree... in november?!!! but i was saved by a very, very long phone call with my mum and sister. it's too early for christmas trees! but snowy trees are right on time!