Friday, November 19, 2010

wool and water and beautiful surprises

the other day i opened my mailbox to a sweet little envelope with familiar looking pair of ghosties stamped in the return address. a happy surprise from one of my most favourite artists, amy earles! amy is so generous with her artwork (this is not the first time i've received a surprise package from her) and i am so grateful to be on her list of recipients!

not one, but two gorgeous paper dolls, a mini print, a postcard and a hand written note complete with a wee pencil drawing in the corner. a humble thank you note turned into a work of art!

i've been collecting amy's work for years, and have her dolls and prints scattered throughout my home. i have a few dolls that i have yet to put together, but that's okay by me because it is such a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon and we get plenty of those out here on the west coast! i've got my winter activities planned!

a while ago, i purchased the wool and water/mon petit fantome paper doll set called voices in the woods, and earlier in the week, i found this little cauldron at daiso that just suits them perfectly! i have plans of sewing fabric versions of their little paper hats next, and then constructing some sort of diorama to house them in, using one (or more - i'm getting crafty!) of chad's prints used as a background!

i highly recommend you check out amy's etsy shop right now because she's having a sale!

take advantage of this package deal and collect as many as you can! amy's work is exquisite and never fails to impress.

i think i just talked myself into collecting some more!