Friday, November 19, 2010

kinda cozy

for some reason, when the temperatures drop i get the overwhelming urge to wear shorts. i'm rarely seen in them in the summer, you know, when its actually warm out. i've got all the elements for a cozy outfit here... if only i were wearing pants! i wore this outside to walk one and a half blocks to the store and froze my bum off! it snowed last night for crying out loud! why i thought shorts were a good idea is a mystery to even myself.

fair isle wool vest: etsy (ll bean)
plaid shirt: thrift store
wool business sweater/blazer: thrift store
shorts: urban planet
striped tights: bleu foret
tweed wellingtons: joe
peacock/tartan fascinator: made by me

this cardigan has some really great trompe l'oeil detailing. is it a suit jacket or is it a sweater? it's a business sweater/blazer! comfy enough for feeling cozy all day, yet smart enough for the office! i love sweaters and blazers together, but for lazing around the house, i've got to say that this sweater/blazer really did serve me well. you want to have comfort when you're puttering around doing nothing!

it's great to have a day off with nothing on the old agenda every once in a while.

this outfit is dedicated to mon petit fantome. fair isle twins unite!