Monday, November 15, 2010

lady lumberjack

so, in my day to day work life i have found myself dressing in the style i like to refer to as "hipster lumberjack". you know, paul bunyan style: cheap mondays, a plaid shirt, leather shoes a nice wooly combination of chunky cardigan and scarf... if i'm really lucky, i get to add a tuque to the equation! i look the same nearly every day and sometimes i find it hard to break out of the cycle. like today for example: i wore these shoes, this shirt and cardigan to work yesterday, but in a completely different context. lumberjack styles for work, lady lumberjack styles for play.

skirt: thrift store (years ago)
cardigan: thrift store
plaid shirt: urban planet
leather belt: thrift store
wool tights: calze scanzi
bass oxfords: etsy
moose brooch: i got it at fireweed in thunder bay last christmas (its made by a local artisan)

i wish i could remember the name of the artist that made this brooch! i did an online search for the artist's name when i purchased this, but came up empty. i own several pieces from them though, and i love them all!

this outfit kept me cozy whilst out on a wild goose chase for some highly illusive japanese cookies today. i was feeling the zakka and fell victim to many cute items at the japanese two dollar store... but the cookies i wanted were never found.