Saturday, November 13, 2010

witchy woman

as i was getting dressed this morning, i was singing "wa-wa witchae woman" in my head; and now that eagles song is stuck in my head. great.

cotton dress: thriftstore
long sleeved t-shirt: american apparel
pixie tights: hansel from basel
granny boots: thriftstore
harness: norwegian wood
victorian mourning brooch: ebay

this is essentially the same outfit as my last post, only the colours are changed and i'm channeling a whole other era. this is total old west victorian mourning garb. i finally watched there will be blood in its entirety. i had attempted to watch it several times before, but sometimes i'm just not in the mood for paul thomas anderson; his movies tend to elicit a little too much emotional investment on the part of the viewer so you must prepare yourself before diving in. i've got to say though, there will be blood had one of the most satisfying endings i have ever seen... maybe even in cinematic history!

watching that movie was a revelation. i feel like there will be blood has influenced the world more than i could have realised (having not watched it until now). pioneer style is on the rise again! does anyone remember 1988? young guns anyone? bon jovi? wanted dead or alive? ha ha! i'm old. i digress. it seems we're being influenced by dusty leather and shabby, rumpled cottons and wool once again, and i'm okay with that. i like all those things. this time around, things are a little more refined, with less emphasis on cowboy-rock!

this brooch is so perfectly aged. a little dinged and tarnished.

i just love the hardware on this thing! angie of norwegian wood makes the best accessories! i wish i would have snapped up a navy honeycomb harness when i had the chance because i think she's retired that style now, but her new stuff is just as fantastic! i've got my eye on more than one item in her shop.

the zig-zag is so cartoon perfect! i would have bought these hansel from basel tights in every colour-way if they weren't already sold out of the green/charcoal ones. i think this version is the ultimate, though; the contrast is just strong enough to really pop but they still look classy.

how witchy woman ties in with homesteader style, i'll never know.