Wednesday, November 10, 2010

hello nurse!

shane had surgery on monday and i've been playing nurse to him since. he's in a lot of pain and has been so sleep deprived for the last few days that he's been getting quite irrationally irritated at things. case in point; last night i was wearing a "kickin' it at home" outfit consisting of a quite fetching combination of shorts with tights, a t-shirt and cardigan (not at all offensive in any way - i was kickin' it at home) and shane was not having it! he couldn't even look at me! it was hilarious (which was also unfortunate because it hurts shane to laugh), poor kid! he told me that he really wanted me to wear a dress today, so i obliged. he did say that i was the only pretty thing he had to look at since he was trapped at home. how could i say no?

shaner looks like his face was in a war, so i ran with the war-wife inspiration.

polka dot dress: thrift store - h&m
sweater: thrift store - ralph lauren
purple slip: thrift store (i've got to hem it shorter!)
pixie tights: hansel from basel (i copied anja)
oxfords: etsy - bass (i recently had them resoled because i wore right through!)
leather belt: thrift store
hair bow: tie belt that came with the dress
bee brooch: gift with an etsy purchase

hellooo nurse! i love that the dress came with the perfect hair accessory.

this bee brooch was tucked into a package that i got from an etsy seller as a free gift with purchase. it was really shiny and new looking when i got it; not something that i would ever purchase myself, but i didn't want to let it go to waste, so i set it on fire! it blackened the enamel and dulled the metal just enough, and now its something that i actually would wear. it was the perfect little addition to this dress, whose buttons unfortunately end at a scandalously low point. i like my buttons to go aaalllll the way up! i'm going to have to add about a half dozen more buttons to make this dress perfectly prim and proper.

can we take a moment to appreciate this nail polish? its opi jade is the new black and it is the perfect shade of divine decadence! surprisingly wearable. very, very deco green. i feel like it goes with everything... even though it probably doesn't.