Friday, June 5, 2009

like a moth to a flame

Okay. I lied. I only ever read Design*Sponge. I'm thinking about turning this blog into a Design*Sponge appreciation blog!

So, today Grace lead me to the work of mischer'traxler. There is some gorgeous stuff on this web-portfolio, and I do suggest that you check it out! They have a series called RealLimited which features hand numbered representations of objects found in nature. Like the limited moths lamp above, or the limited fungi shelf below. These are based on endangered species, and each tin or copper representation is numbered to correlate with one live moth or mushroom in nature!

The moth lamp would be a pretty easy DIY for any of you crafty peeps out there! All you need is a little copper sheeting, some tin snips and a whole lot of patience (okay, maybe "easy" was not quite the right choice of words). You could also do it up with a little Tyvek sheeting a la Tord Boontje!

via Design*Sponge