Saturday, June 6, 2009

gypsy heart

I have a soft spot for just about anything to do with Chicago. I think that Chicago has done a marvelous job of balancing the old with the new. There are SO many beautiful late Victorian and early Deco skyscrapers in that city! Don't get me started on the Baroque revival! Huge modern outdoor sculptures dot the landscape, and Chicago boasts more than one iconic example of modern architecture as well. It's just an architecture lovers dream.

In my first year of university, I went on a group weekend trip to Chicago to explore the city and look at art. Three days was definitely not enough time! We stayed in the Blackstone Hotel (before it was condemned), which was the most perfectly haunted Victorian building I've ever slept in. Not that I slept there much; it was more like napping- there was just too much to do in too little time! I've wanted to revisit since. One day I'll make it back there, and when I do I'm definitely going to Asrai Garden.

I was catching up on reading Brooklyn Rehab's blog, and there was a few magical photos of this amazing store. I love the loamy green walls and lots of plants and piles of treasures! There's just something about that combination that is so comforting on a summer day!