Wednesday, March 18, 2009

splish splash

I was takin' a bath... oh, hello there. Welcome to my bathroom tour.

Our apartment is basically a long rectangle that consists mainly of hallway. On one end of our long hallway is the living room, on the other is the bathroom. Off of the main hallway, there's a funny little mini hallway leading into the bathroom. Being a maximalist, I have used this space to it's full advantage! On one side is a collection of things with a mostly nautical theme, including some old ships placed on limited edition 1974 reissue Koziol shelves, a velvet painting of a ship, a Justin Richel print and a Julie Knoblock print. On the other is the requisite "for like ever" poster from village.

Once over the threshold of the bathroom, there is still more hallway! This is a photograph of some garden gnomes by my friend Todd Duym. It was love at first sight for me and this photograph! Todd's pretty easy on the eyes too.

More Tord Boontje! This time shiny silvery metal garland goodness! That man can do no wrong!

The bathroom is small (which I think is ideal), and our windows are very large, so essentially one wall IS a window! I dressed this one up in Emma Jeffs' Otto window film. My dear friend Alice brought this for me from England last year! I still have my Amy Earles Valentines lady up, and I think she's staying up forever!

This series of photos was taken by my friend Randy Kramer. We liked them so much that we used them for the love and mathematics ep artwork. I did some illustrations that continued the narrative of the photo series for the inside sleeve and cd artwork.

I need my bathrooms to be clean and fresh. This is always the first room that I paint. It's the room that starts your day and ends your day, everyday, so I like for it to be calming and inspiring. I almost always use mistints and sometimes mix several together to get a specific colour. I mixed white and ivory to get a nice warm white for the walls, and painted the ceiling in a colour that I like to call "electric mint"! I have a very organic way of decorating. I usually use some element of the room as a jumping off point, and in this case it was the tiles in the tub surround!

1950s shift dress: thrifted 12 years ago!
tights: store in fan tan alley
boots: browns
1960s enamel brooch: thrifted