Monday, March 23, 2009

stay gold

jeans: cheap monday (stolen from shane)
linen button up: thrifted
belt: thrifted
oxfords: thrifted
argyle socks: really old
cocktail hat: etsy

It's funny how things get stuck in your head sometimes and seem to influence every aesthetic choice that you make. The other day Shane and I visited an antique shop that for some reason neither of us had gone into before, even though it's just up the street from our place. I was drawn in by the Easter window display with the taxidermy rabbit wearing glasses and complete with bunny-sized extra-mini gladstone bag!

Inside were three rooms filled to the rafters with treasures new and old!

I photographed most of the taxidermy to add to my files, and admired all the weird little things that were piled all over the place.

On the way out I spotted a huge lion's head placed atop a small loft area looking out onto the store, keeping watch. It wasn't taxidermy, but some sort of faux taxidermy or just giant puppet of some sort. I was smitten! I would love to have him watch over my home, but I know he would cost way too much! I am content to have the memory of him inspire my outfits for the next few days at least.