Thursday, January 22, 2009


I don't know why I find it necessary to torture myself by searching for shoes in my size in Etsy vintage every time I am certifiably, absolutely, positively, flat B.R.O.K.E. But I do. I do find it necessary. I must be some sort of footwear masochist or something. I'm sure the pervs over on Flickr would have a field day with that admission... but I digress.

These are the fruits of my labor, with links!

Good god! These are perfect! SO GORGEOUS! They're listed as a 6.5 or 7 and they're vinyl (which is the only reason I'm not breaking out the credit; my feet don't like man made fibers) at halfmagic! Somebody buy them so I can live vicariously through you!

Okay. Red and white spectators? Could these be any better? They're absolutely adorable... and a half size too big for me. Oh yeah, they're only TEN BUCKS! at TheVintageShack! Now you HAVE to get them!

More cute spectators! This time in real leather! And a spiffy classic colour combo to boot! Again, they're a size 7 which is too big for me, so I can't get them. These are also really cheap, at dahlilafound, so somebody snatch these up quick!

These little t-straps are so adorable! They're almost identical to a pair my mum had in the 70's that I used to play dress-up in! These look to be in pristine condition and even come with the original box! From metroretrovintage.

Okay. I freaking LOVE glitter shoes! I used to have a pair of glitter shoes that my grandma gave me and my sister for dress-up, and they were my ultimate favorite shoes ever! About a month ago, I found a pair of gold glitter shoes in my size on Etsy and I kept putting them in, and taking them out of my shopping cart. I thought I bought them... but in the end I hadn't, and now they're gone forever! Tragic! These silver glitter shoes are identical to the gold ones I missed out on, but not my size! But if you're a size 6.5 you can get them at MetroVintage for a steal of a deal!

I feel better now that I've shared my burden with all of you! Thanks kids!