Saturday, January 10, 2009

workin' in a coal mine

A year and a half ago, Shane's sister was in the midst of moving to Toronto and she was getting rid of a lot of stuff and putting some into storage. We were having a really fun time going through her stuff and having yard sales, but she was having a very hard time letting some things go! She had piles and piles of clothes that she was either going to keep or not keep depending on the pile. I of course, took this as my opportunity to snag some free gear! Everything I enquired about was stuff that she was keeping. I made her try on a few things that I fancied, but thought that they looked too small for her. This dress was one of them. It didn't fit, but she wanted to keep it, just in case... so I took it when she was in the bathroom! hahaha! I'm so bad! I don't think she even noticed that it was missing, because I never heard a peep from her.

sixties dress: stolen from Shane's sister's closet when she went to the bathroom! hahaha! sucker!
cardi: thrifted dolce and gabbana
tights: store in fan tan alley
knee socks: american eagle
wellies: joe fresh
felt budgie brooch: made by my friend Kelly