Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've been called many things in my day

But domestic is certainly not one of them!

One of my favourite work peeps is moving to Japan in a month and we are getting together in mere moments to wish her luck and eat pizza and these... um, delicious cupcakes (?) that I made today. These things were made with all the love I have to give and were a true pain in the butt from the get go! I started the batter and then realised that I didn't have any eggs. No bother! I have vegan egg replacer! So I mix the batter up and boy is it fluffy! (ie: full of AIR BUBBLES!) Then I start to line the muffin pan with cups... oh. my. god. there's only 5 left! You think I'd be more prepared! So I rushed off to the store to get some all the while thinking that if I had known earlier I could have also bought eggs. This is the result of my labor...

they'll look better when they're iced I tell myself...

Ummmm, I guess not. They taste better than they look I swear!

I'm typing this while I wait for the epoxy to dry on the pin that I made as a going away gift. She loves elephants and one day we both got all misty-eyed reminiscing about that scene in Dumbo where his mum is in a cage and she cradles him in her trunk. Oy vay! I'm getting all vechlempt just thinking about it! So I thought it would be kind of special to make her something to remember us all by, because an elephant never forgets.

We have this ongoing joke at our work that we are all going to be there forever because we are in HELL! It has, unfortunately rung true for a lot of us (I'm not naming names, but you know who you... ahem, WE are). Tonight we are taking up a monetary collection to pay for knuckle tattoos that read "MOTIV4LIFE" for the girl who is leaving. It's the best gift a girl could ask for... I wonder when I'll get mine!