Saturday, August 9, 2008

who's grandma lives here?

Following this post about the something's hiding in here live/work space interior I was inspired, nay, compelled to paint my furniture! I had been thinking about this for the better part of a year, knowing full well that I am wishy-washy at the best of times and I live with a man obsessed with brown!

I had this sort of dusty mint green (some call it sage) oil paint lying around that I had intended for a discarded art project (which is now fully back ON!) and some chairs of questionable fashion. They came with the coffee table and I thought that they were adorable with their short legs and stunted stature. Although the gross old olive green upholstery and icky brown wood were not so adorable. I just put two and two together and Voila!

You see my problem.

I'm questioning my choice in either the paint colour or the upholstery fabric. Separate they are good but together they look like some granny came and vomited vintage Scandinavian shabby chic in my living room. Gross right?

Let's assume that I don't want to repaint these chairs. I've chosen some new fabrics from Purl Soho which actually had an overwhelmingly spot on selection. I had a hard time narrowing it down to these nine! Please help me! I can't decide!

Secretly I've already purchased one... tee hee! Let's see if you can guess!