Sunday, August 10, 2008

awwww man... not again

I was feeling nostalgic for my long lost love: saftey glasses! I had pretty much abandoned them years ago, but when american apparel started selling them, their fate was sealed. They remained entombed in the sunglasses box for what seemed an eternity. When Shane and I started dating 5 years ago he had a love/hate relationship with my sense of style. I was really into these safety glasses that I had thrifted and I had this asymmetrical haircut that lent itself perfectly to the side ponytail! He would be so embarrassed to be seen with me. It was GREAT!

I've added this little gem to the wardrobe remix pool over at flickr. I use term gem with a large dose of sarcasm!

In other news: we have another mouse visitor. booooooo! Just another reason to hate the olympics. All this senseless redevelopment and landscaping has created, not only a gorgeous place to sit on the waterfront, but an influx of homeless rodents looking for new digs. Why do they have to come to my house?!!!

Also, is that not the WORST floor tile ever?!!! It's some sort of marble composite that looks as if a colony of sea gulls have had their way with it (if you know what I mean). How I wish I could rip it up and remodel the kitchen!