Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Alice Stevenson

Every time I see someone posting about Alice Stevenson my heart skips a beat. It's true!

I met Alice on that fabulous networking site Myspace a couple of years ago. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon her, but was instantly charmed by her beautiful illustrations. After exchanging a few notes I was also charmed to the point of smitten by the girl herself. Soon we began an overseas mail art project, that apparently was doomed to be a backburner project as we got busy doing other things. I hope we do something with it because it was a great idea!

So this morning as I was checking the usual suspects, I was pleased as punch to see that printpattern had posted about her gift wrap and card line for art angels! Sometimes I really wish I lived in the UK.

I'm waiting for textiles Alice... and so are my poor old sad chairs.