Friday, May 25, 2007

Pagan Poetry

Growing up in a small town had both benefits and drawbacks. In highschool, I was part of the weird art-kid scene. I was "different" and everyone knew it. But it was the nineties and it somehow became kind of fashionable to be a weirdo. This was the era of "alternative" music. This was the era of grunge and alt-dance. This was the era of Bjork!

I've loved Bjork since the first time I saw her in the Sugarcubes video for Hit. "Accidentally, you seduced me. I'm in love again." So as teens see, teens do. I started wearing my hair in the signature Bjork double bun style and I wore my nightdresses during the day. I wouldn't say that I was completely obsessed; but I do credit her with shaping my style as a teen.

I've wanted to see her forever, but hadn't had the chance until this Wednesday past. I sacrificed good photos for good sound and I don't regret that at all. I just wish that I had the power of teleportation so that I could have zoomed in close to get a shot of her dancing in her tasselled head dress!

So what does one do when they can't get close up shots of Bjork? That's right. You take photos of the lazer light show!!!