Saturday, May 19, 2007

Do You Even Know Me

I was asked to take photos for my friend's yard sale the other night. It was already dark out so I photographed bikes in the porch, and cabinets in the hallway, and spotlit fabric piles within trunks in the livingroom. It was some of my best work.

On my way to photograph the trunks of fabric I was distracted by a slump of curly blond hair tossed to the side of a nearby chair. I asked fecetiously if I should photograph it for the sale. Gross. But was then convinced that I should try it on. I had nearly finished my Pepsi Slurpee vodka drink ((750ml!)I know. Gross. But Pepsi was the only drinkable option), so it wasn't that hard to convince me. Plus, who doesn't like trying on strange abandonned hairpieces?!

Look at how good I look! Some people say I'm taking the "granny chic" thing too far. But my response to that is; how can you possibly go too far with such a classic look?