Friday, December 9, 2011


alright, kiddies! i'm back with a little teaser for my etsy re-launch! i'm hoping to have everything up and running really, really soon! AND i'll be having a little sale to celebrate!

in the two years since i got busy with other things and gave up my entrepreneurial dreams, i've forgotten how much work it is to actually own an etsy shop. i'm working full time right now (and extra christmas hours to boot) and for some reason i decided it best to add another project into my life! it just felt like the right time to me. in every spare moment i have i am either thinking about the shop or actually working on photos, and editing, and describing, and preparing listings! i want to get a big batch ready for the launch and then i will be adding things regularly from then on out! i am a woman obsessed! i am exhausted! but i am certain that it will all be worth the wait.

this time around, in addition to vintage clothing and handmade jewelry, accessories and clothing, i plan on offering some of my artwork on a regular basis as well as photos and possibly art prints [(if i can figure out those logistics!) any tips would be highly appreciated!] so keep an eye out for updates here or in the shop or if you have twitter, you can find me here too!