Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hunt and gather

tamera of verhext has an ongoing segment on her fantastic blog called magpie palette where she shows us little magically harmonious collections of things she's found on thrift excursions. i often find that i collect things that are all in the same colour palette when i'm out thrifting (which is too often by the way). this week, however, has been all about glass and ceramic. we all know my love for glass objects, although they mostly come in the form of lamps, i cannot resist the stuff! i'm always on the look-out for blue mountain pottery to add to my collection, and little handmade ceramic vases.

i used to dabble in pottery in university. i was a painting/ceramics major, but my ceramic work was almost entirely sculptural. i couldn't get the hang of the wheel (and in the iconic words of homer simpson [i'm paraphrasing] when something's hard to do... is it really worth doing?) i filed down my most fingernails to the point of PAIN on that darn wheel, so i really like taking in abandoned pieces of hand thrown ceramic. i know how hard it is to make a vase that doesn't look super wonky or that doesn't weigh a ton!

check it out! more plants for my indoor garden. i planted some nasturtiums from seed. i know it's kind of late in the summer to be planting seeds, but look how big they are already! i only planted them three weeks ago. there's a pot of regular orange nasturtium and a pot of red dwarf nasturtium. i hope they flower before it gets too cold. i wonder how they will do inside through the winter? my oxalis does okay, so maybe these guys will too.

i'm collecting things and working on some new packaging for white apple too. i've been letting the shop die a lingering, painful death for months, but i've been cooking up some ideas and i plan to rescue white apple from the clutches of limbo.