Tuesday, August 3, 2010

day tripper

start off at the ocean shore. go through the forest and past some old hollow and burnt trees. continue on along the babbling brook until you find yourself in the middle of a field. then head over a marsh and back into the woods to a lake that's dotted with lilly pads. watch the fish swim and dragonflies hover for a while and then go back into the trees once more until you find yourself back at the shore to await the ferry back home again.

i did a little foraging along the shore for some jewelry supplies in the form of silvery-smooth and sun bleached driftwood. i've been thinking a lot about the sea. oh she is a fickle temptress. how many men has she lured into an early watery grave? my great grandfather was a fisherman. he went out one morning on the glassy waters of lake superior, never to return again. whenever i'm in a boat, i always think of that story. the mystery. the cold unknown of the water.