Saturday, February 6, 2010

I started a new series of paintings this weekend. I decided to give myself a little challenge and see if I can create a half dozen paintings by next weekend. I feel I work pretty well under pressure, and honestly, I haven't done any real body of work in years! I feel pretty good about getting back into the swing of things. I pretty much completed one (I'll probably have to do some touch-ups in the light of day, and I still have to seal the board) this afternoon. I know it doesn't look that complicated, but it's a slow and careful process.

This little guy wasn't working out according to plan. I ended up scraping his eyes off because they were placed too high on his head. It just looked wrong. I guess an afternoon of breathing in paint fumes sometimes results in poor judgement when painting in details. My eyes were just feeling too tired to continue on; and so this grizzly bear's eyes must also suffer!

We'll see how I feel with "fresh" eyes tomorrow... after a long day at work.