Friday, January 29, 2010

design*sponge did a great post on the history of tartan yesterday. i read it before rushing off late to work (again!), and wished i could have been wearing something a little more fancy than a dirty jeans and sweater combo, but such is the glamorous life of a retail char!

later on, that evening, i came across this magnificent bit of ruffly-lacy-tweedy goodness on magic is as magic does. that did it. i must concoct a tartan outfit of my own. the inspiration was too much.

i've always owned a lot of tartan. my mum is scottish, so she dressed my sister and myself in a lot of tartan skirts and dresses as kids. i loved it! i remember a few gems that i wish i still owned and could fit into. i was a teen in the nineties, so obviously there were many a plaid flannel in my wardrobe. i don't own any flannel these days, but it's all been replaced with wool skirts and trousers, with the occasional dress and button down shirt thrown in for good measure.

dress: i made it for shane's sister's wedding a few years back
sweater: ralph lauren, thrifted
t shirt dress: crummy dress store
tights: fan tan alley
moccasins: laurentian chief, christmas gift from mum
jack rabbit brooch: made by me