Monday, November 9, 2009

who is the fairest of them all

This inspiration runs deep. I've been a Snow White girl all of my life. I used to dress myself up in my mum's old navy and white floral peasant maxi dress and tie my little mop of hair up with a red ribbon just to frolic in the clover. I've even gone as far as to sing to birds in an attempt to lure them to perch on my finger! Ah, youth! Such innocence.

Snow White meets the woodsman by:George Soper 1915

However, this tale is not as innocent as Disney would make it seem. The original Grimms tale includes murder, torture and even a little cannibalism thrown in for good measure! A good old-fashioned retelling of a host of horrifying medieval tales all mashed into one. It's that dark edge that makes interpreting Snow White's style so appealing to me.

She was a peasant and a princess. All the animals loved her. She was the fairest in all the land. I must admit, that when I think of Snow White I always envision the Disney colour palate of all the primaries: red and blue and yellow. I've put together a few Snow White inspired costumes using etsy vintage, because who doesn't want to look like Snow White every once in a while?

velvet dress available from cositasseriasvintage

fox fur collar available from zaama

glass apple brooch available from waalaa

suede lace up boots available from glamtownvintage

Snow White hiding in the forest by: Franz Juttner 1905

celluloid hair comb available from gottawannitvintage

navy dress with suede accents available from nanapatproject

brown bunny shawl available from primitivepincushion

medieval stick pin available from quiterightslick

red suede gogo boots available from myfavoritevintage

Snow White is comforted by the forest creatures by: Walt Disney Studios 1937

red polkadot dirndl available from madvintage

yellow smocked blouse available from theninestories

60s uniform coat available from rococovintage

zigzag boots available from jamesrowlandshop

apple ornaments available from loliecraft

Beware of poisoned apples, everyone!