Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sudden death academic probation

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am eternally in love with Max Fischer. He's so badass and adorably misguided. How can you not love him? Or better yet, how could you not want to be him?

I've collected a few listings from Etsy* to create a more girl friendly version of Max Fischer... we'll call her Maxine Fischer.

This is the official Rushmore Academy school uniform.

This 1940s school uniform jacket is insanely perfect. She's got the dress listed in another listing if you want the whole experience!
Available from allencompanyinc

Simple wool herringbone skirt, with a little kick pleat in front and back. Perfect for running around and getting into trouble.
Available from penelopepupsvintage

Not one to shy away from a little sneaky rebellion, our Maxine ditches the uniform shirt in favor of this little red pin tucked number.
Available from HighHatVintage

It's a classic.
Available from regansbrain

Signature tortoise shell glasses are a must.
Available from BlueRoseRetro

Red suede sneakers in lieu of a beret.
Available from learntoread

Choir pins to replace the punctuality and perfect attendance awards.
Available from prettysaro

Because we're such good friends.
Available from thingsrevisited

Because sometimes you need a little help figuring things out.
Available from craftydill

This is my favourite Max Fischer outfit. The green velvet suit just kills me! The ochre shirt and matching bow tie make me swoon, and top it off with that jaunty little beret and you have the recipe for love at first sight!

This hat is amazing! The photos in the listing are not the best, but trust me... this is THE hat for any Maxine Fischer wannabe.
Available from curiousgoods53

Max wears some pretty basic tortoise shell glasses, but our Maxine likes a little more flash. These glasses have a nice little gold detail to mirror her accessories.
Available from VintageDove

The yellow ascot tie blouse. Perfection.
Available from TennysonVintage

Instead of a two piece suit, our Maxine prefers a velvet dress with amazing pocket details!
Available from PaintedSoulDesign

Our Maxine is a little bit more refined than Max. She prefers not to wear sneakers with her formal wear. These shoes are perfect!
Available from posiesforlulu

How about a little high school charm bracelet to show some school spirit!
Available from Aquanetta

*ps- I want you to know that posting these listings gives me a big old knot in my throat, because I want to buy them all!!! I'm not good at sharing.