Saturday, August 22, 2009

no sleep 'till kokanee creek

Lake of the Woods is only a few hours drive away from Vancouver, and we had a long way left to travel, so after an hour or so we packed up and were on the road again. We watched the landscape dry out as we went along. It was so hot! I got a sunburn just sitting in the car!

Here's some lovely green trees in a valley. Sigh.

Here's some brown dried out trees. There were many more, but my "from the car" photography skillz are not that great. You get the idea.

Here's a tiny house in a tiny mining town. There were mines carved into the mountain, but I couldn't get a good photograph of them. You'll have to take my word for it.

Here's a crazy electrical station that was in the middle of nowhere.

Here's some effing majestic mountains.

Here's an effing majestic sunset.

Here we are enjoying the sunset and one of the finest beverages Canada has to offer.

Following the sunset my photos pretty much turn into blurry masses of grainy colour, so I'll spare you. We were a few hours outside of Nelson by the time the sun went down and we wanted to get there to set up camp early. We are not that good at time management. We drove and drove and all the campsites we encountered were full to capacity. We kept going. We finally stopped at one of the sites along Kokanee Creek at around 12:45am, and since there was already a tent set up in the parking lot, we decided to follow their lead. We were too tired to set up camp so we slept in the car... for an hour. We both woke up feeling disgusting because it was HOT and there was no air flow in the car. Opening the windows to let the giant mosquitoes in was not an option. We got up and set up the tent at 2:00am! We both slipped into the best sleep ever, only to be awoken by the park ranger at 7:30am telling us to pack up and move on. This was the one and only night of actual camping that occurred on our "camping trip".

That's a total of five and a half hours!