Sunday, August 23, 2009

the lost day

Have you aver had one of those days where you wake up early hoping to get lots done and then end up getting absolutely nothing done? It sucks when that happens when you're traveling and you actually have to get somewhere.

Welcome to the lost day.

Here's me, first thing in the morning (puffy eyes and skeptical smirk) following our five and an half hours of camping.

Here's the bridge to Nelson. Shane used to live near Nelson as a kid and he was pointing out all the hot-spots as we drove in.

Here's Shane realising that he's getting sick waiting for breakfast in Nelson. No amount of nostalgia will cure him.

Here's the park at the lookout. It reminded me of a perfectly manicured 1940s park with little flower beds surrounded with stones and the little wooden benches. It just looked like a postcard.

Here's the view of almost the entire city of Nelson.

Here's Shane looking ill at the beach.

Here we are dipping our feet into the cold water of the Kootenay Lake. No swimming for us today.

We bummed around town for a few hours and then we were back on the road.

Here are more effing majestic mountains.

Here's the glacier fed river that we stopped at so that Shane could have a snooze and I could get my Indiana Jones on. I hit the jackpot in fools' gold! Pyrite for all!

The water was moving so fast and it was so insanely cold.

These are the last of my photos for this day. We drove through a couple of small towns, got some local fruit and watched the weather change from a scorching 30 degrees centigrade to a mere 13 degrees centigrade the further we got away from Nelson. We ended the day shopping for wool socks and cheap sweaters at a discount store called GIANT TIGER! That place saved our lives! Shane was feeling pretty rough by this time and there was a crazy electrical storm happening complete with the biggest downpour I've seen in a long time.

I decided that we should get a hotel.
BUT Shane's cousin lives in Cranbrook.
BUT she was miles away in Oliver.
BUT her husband was home.
We decided to impose.

Trevor was our hero that night! He came to meet us so that we could follow him back to his place, and we talked movies and music and video games and puppies. I'm not going to lie to you... I fell asleep on the couch mid conversation!
I was exhausted!