Friday, July 17, 2009

vanilla ice cream

I've been away from the wardrobe remix pool for months now! For some reason, today of all days (the hottest of days, when I'm wearing what could be classified as pajamas by some), I felt inspired to take some outfit photos and post them on the internets. Go figure!

Thank god for SPF 60! It protects my milky-white complexion as I scurry about on the shady side of the street running errands and treating myself to some pralines and caramel-toffee swirl ice cream (because it matched my outfit best, of course). Where does the skin end and the fabric begin? It's a subtle difference in texture... the colour is the same!

ivory cotton camisole: I've had it since the 1990s! it's a summer staple
chambray shorts with weird scratchy metallic thread in the weave: thrifted
polka dot socks: the bay
amazing oxfords: etsy
pocket watch necklace: triggerhappy on etsy REMIXED