Monday, March 2, 2009

sheriff harry s. truman

One of the girls at work has been geeking out with me about Twin Peaks. I love her for it, but I think she and her brother have gotten a wee bit psycho-obsessed with it. They're making charts and eating nothing but donuts and coffee... damn fine coffee! They've even gone so far as to stack the donuts on the table Twin Peaks style! She introduced me to Twin Bricks, the all lego version of Twin Peaks; which is hilarious because the voices are just so accurate in a really caricaturized and unflattering way. Every day that I work with her there is another Twin Peaks discussion, and yesterday's was about how Sheriff Harry S. Truman is such a putz! This is my homage to Harry.

swiss dot shirt: the gap circa 2000 dyed by me
cardigan: thrifted
skinny jeans: seduction
plaid jacket: thrifted
hot pink plaid socks: I don't know; maybe a gift?
doc martens: etsy
fedora: stolen from Shane