Monday, December 8, 2008

oh christmas tree...

I threw elf into the dvd player on Saturday afternoon and set up my tree! I subscribe to the maximalist way of life... especially when it comes to the tackiness of Christmas!!! The more the merrier, I think. I even tie each ornament on with ribbon bows to add to the abundance! There's a couple of bare spots on the tree that are driving me bonkers! I'm going to have to buy more ornaments!!!

So anyway. I didn't think to test the lights before I put them on the tree until I received an email from my sister last night saying that she couldn't decorate her tree until she got some replacement lightbulbs... uh oh. I couldn't even plug my tree in until last night because I misplaced my extension cord somewhere. So I bought one on my lunch break yesterday and hoped for the best. The lights worked... BUT (and I have this problem every year. I should really leave myself a note attached to the lights.) I have two strands of lights on the tree and one of them doesn't reach all the way to the top if I start on the bottom row of branches. I never hang anything on that row, so why do I put lights there? I dunno. So the top of the tree is a little dark.

Anabela did a post about her Christmas tree the other day and how she felt like she was the Cobrasnake taking party photos of her tree. Her tree didn't get topless... but mine did! I'm going to try and find a little mini strand of lights today to top it off.