Saturday, November 1, 2008

oh hansel, whatever shall we do?

The number one thing on my agenda today was getting me some discount Halloween candy! Unfortunately, Shane gave me a pretty disturbing lecture about the evils of sugar this morning, and now I'm actually kind of put off. It was pretty gross. So I decided that if I can't eat sugar (I kinda got my fill yesterday at work anyway) I can at least look like sugar. A sugar cookie to be exact.

The inspiration for today's outfit is kind of disparate, but it works oddly enough. I took my colour palate and silhouette from Olive Oyl and the whole folksy cookie thing came from the house that lured Hansel and Gretle.

I just bought this sweater and I am wearing it constantly! It is however, forcing me to break some of my unspoken rules about autumn wear. I don't like to wear this particular shade of khaki this time of year. It usually just looks and feels wrong. It's more of a spring or summer colour, but it just works with this sweater because of it's sugar cookie and piped icing connotations! And the shoes... technically are what is known as "winter white" so they are okay for after labor day (I'm totes old school!) but again, I just don't ever think about wearing pastels in the fall. Somehow this sweater has influenced me to break all my rules... maybe I should go get that candy anyway!