Saturday, October 18, 2008

black swan

I made this custom bracelet for the lovely Franca from falling in swirls vintage over on etsy. I used a couple of really pretty brass chains (I'm so glad I finally found a source with the best selection ever!) and one of those vintage swan charms that I love so dearly and a stack of black agate for inspiration and obsidian for protection. (I dabble in hippiedom) It's a bracelet with meaning. I thought that it turned out as a very pretty tribute to our mutual love of Thom Yorke.

I wanted to share it with you guys and to ask you if you think that these are something that I should offer in my shop. I never, ever wear bracelets or watches because I find that I just end up damaging them! I'm such a hands on kinda gal that I scratch watch faces to the point that I can no longer read the time and I always get dangling bracelets caught on something, so it never occurred to me that perhaps I should offer them in the shop. What do you think?