Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Like Big Butts

I love the internet! Today, thanks to Grace at Design Sponge, I found one of the best things I have come across in a while! His name is Wilhelm Staehle, and I have a HUGE internet crush on him!

Grace lead me to Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre, and it is just so darn clever! Taking old romantic landscapes and inserting flat figures is one of my favourite styles. When its done well, its very exciting and inspiring! But I wanted more. I figured if he was capable of perfecting the recipe of antiquated imagery mixed with irreverent humor and just a touch of anachronism for good measure at Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre, then there must be more work out there. And I was right!

The next thing I came across was The Dollar Dreadful Family Library, which again employs the antiquated, the irreverent, and the subtle anachronisms but this time its in story format! I am absolutely smitten!

But wait! There's more! Wilhelm's design firm is called lonewolfblacksheep. The web portfolio is amazing! Some of the work is commercially based and others are just for fun! Yay! Design for fun!