Friday, February 15, 2008

B To The R O K E

Dudes! I am so poor. I emptied my wallet today and this quarter was all that was left! Oh, there was also a bunch of plastic debt, loads of recipts, and my Paul McCartney Starbucks card. Its empty, but I like having Paul around.

Anyhoo... I was going through the receipts and I found one for last Sunday's grocery shopping and I was charged $12 for a bag of cookies!!! They were fantastic cookies, but had I known I was overcharged $10 I would have savored them instead of wolfing them down in one sitting!!!

Why does this always happen to me? I have some sort of messed up poor-person-food-karma. The last time I was super broke and calling daddy for rent money, I was charged $20 for almonds!!! Its always grocery related... hmmmm. I should just stop eating. Naw. That's crazy talk!

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