Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Snap Cackle Pop?

I had the weirdest dream last night! And the even weirder thing is that I remember almost the whole thing! I can usually remember snippets, but I can remember dialogue and small details from this one! It was so vivid.

My dreams almost always include celebrities. This one had none other than Marilyn Manson (as himself), Miranda Richardson (as the witch/mum), and Jeffery Jones {the dad from Beetlejuice (as the dad of course)}, and 3 kids who were probably from some movie or tv show that I can't remember.

It started out at a Marilyn Manson concert. MM had fake legs from the knees down, so they were really skinny and made of black metal, and he was doing this kick dance. Kind of like a violent version of a can-can, but without the high kicks. And then he jumped up on this spinning roller that was suspended from the ceiling like a trapeze. Something was wrong and he couldn't get his footing, but I was distracted by the rest of the show which involved a series of movie clips showing old murders.

One of the murders was a 17th Century Dutchess getting her throat cut by the driver of a horse-drawn carriage. Now for some reason I knew she was in mexico, even though there were no clues that it would be mexico. It looked more like Paris. I can't remember the others now, but this one is relevant to the rest of the dream.

It turns out that Miranda Richardson is the reincarnation of that 17th Century Dutchess! And that now she's a witch! And she's casting spells on her family! According to this particular dreamscape it was common practice for the lady of the house to prepare tonics for after dinner to help aid digestion. These tonics would be a concoction of herbs and oils and such, and were presented to the table in beautiful cut crystal bottles. One for each family member.

MR presented each of her children and her husband with a bottle and they drank. There was alot of spilling and pulling faces, as the tonic was especially vile tasting. The eldest daughter made a comment about the flavour being unusual, but they all drank up the potion. What they didn't realise was that there were special herbs commonly used in witchcraft mixed in their tonic, as well as mementos from each of the murders formerly described in the Marilyn Manson concert footage!

Then my dream took a turn. I was at work. Merchandising tables and then a delivery came, so I helped the delivery man unload some stuff from his truck. When I was outside I noticed a shop with gigantic 4'x5' boxes of Rice Crispies displayed in the window. These were no ordinary Rice Crispies! They were flavoured with bubble gum and fruit punch! Wow! I had to have some! But when I went inside to buy some, it was back to Miranda Richardson and her witchcraft again.

MR and her husband were awoken by the screams of their youngest daughter. When MR ran into the room to check on her she was frozen in a scream.

I woke up.

Enough of that! Where do these things come from? I must be watching too many movies lately. I'm guessing Rosemary's Baby played a big part in my subconscious last night.